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Guatemala, Guatemala
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+502 2470-8400
+502 2269-7935
13 avenida 2-81 zona 15, Colonia Tecún Uman
Guatemala, Guatemala

We can provide advice in the presentation and defense of criminal process, lawsuits and police processes. The person that is under investigation or subject to a criminal process we are able to accompany in the several steps since the investigation phase until sentence, providing the best advisory in litigation and defense before the Public Prosecutor, verifying the evidence for the process as well the procuration needed.


We provide advisory in the representation and promotion of processes before the Guatemalan courts, promote or represent processes regarding responsibility actions, conflicts inside companies, civil lawsuits, execution processes, as well as principal rights and successional proceedings; international processes, international judicial competence, determination of the applicable law, litispendency and international connectedness, precautionary measures, notice and evidence practice abroad, recognition and execution of judicial resolutions and other foreign titles among other processes.

We provide advisory in order to incorporate commercial companies, acquisition and merger with other companies, elaboration of assemblies and corporate assets, provide advisory to national and international companies in corporate and commercial issues, related to the legal department, providing the necessary support in the decision making or well the support in the daily operations either corporate and commercial.


We know that universal human rights are vital that allow a rule of law, so we can bring the advisory for the rights and constitutional warranties defense, law interpretation, presentation of unconstitutionality, actions of protection and personal exhibition when any given rights are being violated or infringed. 


Offer advisory related to the registration rights of the person, family, marriage, domestic partnership, divorce, separation and other matters related to kids, guardianship, properties and obligations, inheritance, legacy, donations, wills, title deed of property, advisory in matters related to the General Registry of Properties, National Registry of Persons, all kinds of contracts.


Provide labor advisory to employers in matters related to labor law and resolutions of conflict and advice on social prevention matters. As well provide advisory in negotiations and termination of labor contracts and its incidents in order to avoid any legal dispute; legal advisory for the preparation of contracts, internal ruling and recommendations of labor prevention before any type of contingencies.


We know the effort that Guatemalans seek for their protection, so we have the legal team necessary to provide advice in order to protect any creations or inventions, we know a trademark is important and its distinctive seal before the competition has to be protected, and during time passes the trademark and its commercial name has a commercial value.  Among the creations that we give advice in order to have a registration and patented, as well as literary, scientific and artistic works, scientific discovery, drawing and industrial models, fabric, commercial, and service trademarks, names and commercial names, among other. 


We have a specialized team in tax matters which can provide advice in matters related to importation and exportations of merchandise, payments of customs taxes, nationalization of loading equipment, resolution of conflicts related with the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Food, National Committee of Protected Areas, Tax Authorities, Quetzal Port Company, customs that operate in national territory, customs and tax crimes, payment of fines, administrative hearing before the tax authorities, endorsement of merchandise, among other.


Within the commercial and business matters, the financial institutions in the Republic of Guatemala have a main role, since they offer diverse bank products to any type of transactions, so it turns out to be efficient to provide the necessary advice in order to obtain the main benefit to your investments from a credit line that involves a purchase of properties or a project finance, being important to be well informed about the whole legal requirements that the banks require, as well as provide the needed advisory to keep the business transparent and in accordance with money laundering guidelines that are maintain at an international level. We have at your disposal the advisory to be consumers and users of financial products, before a possible disadvantage or abuse from the banks.


The land registration investigation is very important so it can be the previous and important steps in order to avoid any lawsuits or legal actions, taking into account that we have the experience in property law, registrations before the General Registry of Properties, historical data, land register and its cultural context in order to determine the correct owner of land and avoid any technical mistakes that can violate the legal certainty of properties.


We know the value that both Guatemalans and foreign persons bring to Guatemala, within and outside the national territory, therefore we have the experience that is required for your legal documents to be in order regarding any nationalization procedure or temporal residency in the Republic of Guatemala, as well as issuance of POA´s in order for any person to transit with its vehicle in Central American territory, advisory in documents that need to be apostilled in order for them to have validity inside and outside Guatemala.


The family as protected by the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, is considered one of the most important foundations of this country therefore the family nucleus enjoys the warranties before any violation or vulnerability; is important that you know that we also have experience in any type of lawsuits for example alimony, filiation and paternity, security measures for the protection of violence against women and any form of violence among others.


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