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Guatemala, Guatemala
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+502 2470-8400
+502 2269-7935
13 avenida 2-81 zona 15, Colonia Tecún Uman
Guatemala, Guatemala
Team of Professionals

 Licda. Wendy Karina González Martínez de Martí





Member of this law firm who attends the following matters:

Lic. Brennen

de León Medina

  • Corporate law
  • Migration matters
  • Labor administrative matters
  • Nationalization of foreigners.
  • Processes to be handled before the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
  • Land register investigation.
  • Administrative law and municipal matters.
  • Anything related to Territorial arrangement Planning.
  • Civil and procedural law.

Graduated from Universidad “FRANCISCO MARROQUIN”

Member of Guatemalan Bar and Notaries Association

With master studies in Public Law by the University of Barcelona, Spain

Master studies in Constitutional Law by Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala.

I have participated in courses, updates and certifications of:

  • Customs Law
  • Tax Law
  • Bank Law

Updates in Constitutional Case Law

Customs and Port law

I am VICEPRESIDENT of the International Customs Committee in Guatemala

Specialized in Criminal Law and Procedural Criminal Law; as well as Business Law


Excellent professional, dedicated and attention to detail, great support in the legal endeavor of any legal need that clients may need, expert in out-of-court negotiations and passionate about criminal justice which is performed with great ease and oratory.


Languages: Spanish and English.

Is attorney and notary with experience for the defense and lawsuits of criminal cases, as well as legal advisory in order to prevent financial crimes in its various types and mechanisms used to defraud the financial system, as well as providing the necessary advisory in order to defend the consumers and users of the financial products in the Republic of Guatemala. His experience have been brought by the services rendered for almost seven years as Prosecutor in the Public Prosecutor´s Office against organized crime, performing his responsibilities in the specialized units for the investigation of extortions, robbery of vehicles, bank robbery and impact cases; actually is the Judicial Officer of one of the most prestigious banks at a national level.



Degree in Social and Juridical Sciences, Attorney and Notary, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, 2015. Completed, Master in Bank Law, Insurance and Financial Market, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, with the guarantee of Universidad de Valencia, Spain, 2007.


Areas of expertise: criminal lawsuits and bank law.

Languages: Spanish, basic English.



Thesis: Need to amend Article 264 of Decree 17-71, Criminal Code, in order to add number 24 to establish a special case of fraud at the time of purchasing vehicles, and apply the correct mechanisms to recover the vehicles when its whereabouts are unknown.


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